CORPURE very sporty!

November | 2020
Logos Sportvereine Westwerk

We are pleased that we have been able to win a large number of sports clubs as tenants. In our rooms you will find offices for club work as well as training rooms for their members.

Sidekick Leipzig e.V.

An association for feminist Thai/kickboxing and self-assertion. The rooms are located right next to the Große Halle in the Garage of the Westwerk.

Sächsischer Kanu-Verband (SKV)

The club brings together all Saxon clubs and departments that practice canoeing. It is located on the ground floor of the Dreherei in the Westwerk.

Billiard room

On the second floor of the Pferdestall is the bar and billiards room Mensa with its stylish industrial charm. Visitors and club members can pursue their sport at 23 pool tables.

Boxclub Olympia 05 e.V.

Performance-oriented Olympic boxing is practiced in the expanded, historic production hall with an area of ​​around 250 square meters. The club has existed since 2005. Under the chairman, Kai Schulz, around 70 members train to take part in Olympic boxing competitions for the purposes of the club.

Judo-Verband Sachsen

The Judo Judo-Verband Sachsen is the non-profit organization that brings together all the clubs and departments in the state of Saxony that practice judo with the aim and task of developing the sport of judo as well as promoting the sport of judo in all its areas and supporting the sport as a whole.