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Real estate ideas with service plus

The cornerstone of CORPURE Real Estate is entrepreneurial spirit: Idea, innovation, vision and the targeted orientation of all measures for a successful real estate project. Added to this is the competence in the local markets – München und Leipzig.

Our work focuses on the interests and needs of our tenants. Here we want to be a reliable partner and contact for all matters.

The life cycle of a property is complex. Partners from a wide variety of sectors are active for individual or several stages in the course of a property’s life. Some already accompany the first approaches of conception and planning, others are only used temporarily. CORPURE Real Estate accompanies the entire life cycle – from the idea to the handover to our tenants.

A successful idea comes from the project. Project development starts with the question of opportunities and risks, takes into account the requirements of the authorities and sums up technology and cost-effectiveness, including the search for the right location, planners for ground plans, façade and open space design, the selection of the right building partner, the examination of the competition, the preparation of calculations, and the development of the project.

Market competence - at home in Munich and Leipzig

A further building block for a successful concept is knowledge of the local market. CORPURE Real Estate has good reason to concentrate on Munich and Leipzig. On the one hand, the Bavarian state capital as one of the most stable and strongest real estate markets in Germany with enormous increases in value. On the other hand, the modern city of Saxony, which today is one of the fastest growing business locations in Germany. Here, too, rents and purchase prices will continue to develop positively in the coming years.

We advocate the principle that real estate at its microlocations must develop itself – regardless of what its original use was. At the beginning there is always a thorough location and market analysis to assess the potential. We develop our properties in close partnership with future users. To this end, we developed the “Corpure Model” at an early stage. We make rooms available for use in our properties, which are then largely designed by the users.
This gives users the greatest possible scope to contribute their ideas and wishes and, of course, their creativity. This is of course reflected in the reasonable rents in our properties. We give users the opportunity to design their own environment for living and working and to implement an economically viable concept for themselves and for us.