Neighborhood flea market Leipzig

July | 2023

Flea market in the Westwerk A meeting place for bargain hunters and community.

A special event has been taking place on the Westwerk site for four years – the Plagwitz neighborhood flea market.

Every 14 days (exact dates see the large hall of the Westwerk and the surrounding area are transformed into a busy market place. Vendors flock early in the morning to set up their stalls and display their wares. From vintage clothing and antique furniture to household items and works of art – the approximately 40 to 45 stalls offer a selection of rarities and vintage treasures – things that you won’t find in any ordinary shop. By preparing and browsing through the goods on the market, old things are reassessed and the flea market contributes to sustainability and recycling.

The flea market is a firmly anchored part of the culture and social life in Plagwitz and creates an atmosphere of openness, friendliness and mutual support every time. It is far more than just a place to buy and sell used items, it is a meeting place for the entire Karl-Heine-Strasse where local artists, craftsmen and musicians can showcase their talents.

The event not only attracts visitors from the district, but also from outside who spend money in the surrounding shops, cafes and restaurants, thus contributing to the economic development and stabilization of the district.

The flea market is organized and hosted by Stefan Range, the business owner of 1A-Haushaltsl√∂sung Leipzig and the bicycle shop “Wo bleibt mein Fahrrad”. In cooperation with the caretaker Mr. Altner from Westwerk, who takes care of the logistics, pre- and post-processing, the flea market is only possible.