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Neighborhood flea market Leipzig

Flea market in the Westwerk A meeting place for bargain hunters and community.

A special event has been taking place on the Westwerk site for four years – the Plagwitz neighborhood flea market.

Every 14 days (exact dates see the large hall of the Westwerk and the surrounding area are transformed into a busy market place. Vendors flock early in the morning to set up their stalls and display their wares. From vintage clothing and antique furniture to household items and works of art – the approximately 40 to 45 stalls offer a selection of rarities and vintage treasures – things that you won’t find in any ordinary shop. By preparing and browsing through the goods on the market, old things are reassessed and the flea market contributes to sustainability and recycling.

The flea market is a firmly anchored part of the culture and social life in Plagwitz and creates an atmosphere of openness, friendliness and mutual support every time. It is far more than just a place to buy and sell used items, it is a meeting place for the entire Karl-Heine-Strasse where local artists, craftsmen and musicians can showcase their talents.

The event not only attracts visitors from the district, but also from outside who spend money in the surrounding shops, cafes and restaurants, thus contributing to the economic development and stabilization of the district.

The flea market is organized and hosted by Stefan Range, the business owner of 1A-Haushaltslösung Leipzig and the bicycle shop “Wo bleibt mein Fahrrad”. In cooperation with the caretaker Mr. Altner from Westwerk, who takes care of the logistics, pre- and post-processing, the flea market is only possible.

Our construction project in Andechs is finished and occupied.

After two and a half years of planning and construction, we were able to hand over the newly created eight units to our tenants. In addition to the apartments, a doctor’s office for general medicine was also built in the former dairy building, which has now been completely renovated. The completion made important contributions to the local medical care in the community and due to the central location of the “jewel” in Andechser Straße – opposite the town hall – also to the local design.

Logos Sportvereine Westwerk

CORPURE very sporty!

We are pleased that we have been able to win a large number of sports clubs as tenants. In our rooms you will find offices for club work as well as training rooms for their members.

Sidekick Leipzig e.V.

An association for feminist Thai/kickboxing and self-assertion. The rooms are located right next to the Große Halle in the Garage of the Westwerk.

Sächsischer Kanu-Verband (SKV)

The club brings together all Saxon clubs and departments that practice canoeing. It is located on the ground floor of the Dreherei in the Westwerk.

Billiard room

On the second floor of the Pferdestall is the bar and billiards room Mensa with its stylish industrial charm. Visitors and club members can pursue their sport at 23 pool tables.

Boxclub Olympia 05 e.V.

Performance-oriented Olympic boxing is practiced in the expanded, historic production hall with an area of ​​around 250 square meters. The club has existed since 2005. Under the chairman, Kai Schulz, around 70 members train to take part in Olympic boxing competitions for the purposes of the club.

Judo-Verband Sachsen

The Judo Judo-Verband Sachsen is the non-profit organization that brings together all the clubs and departments in the state of Saxony that practice judo with the aim and task of developing the sport of judo as well as promoting the sport of judo in all its areas and supporting the sport as a whole.

Apartment building in the Andechs community

Start of construction in January 2021

The planning is as good as complete! We are now looking forward to quickly starting the revitalization of an apartment building with eight family-friendly apartments in the municipality of Andechs, in the Upper Bavarian district of Starnberg.
Located between Ammersee and Starnberger See, in the center of the Fünfseenland, the location is characterized by a high recreational and leisure value. The handover of the apartments to our tenants is planned for mid-2022.

Konsum branch in the object Westwerk

In the large hall of the Westwerk is a small piece of the new Konsum store. In the freshly renovated clinker walls, the original lettering of the then firm name can now be seen in luminous letters: “Consum-Verein zu Plagwitz und Umgegend”. The location blends the early 20th century with modern architecture and interiors. With this project all formerly unused areas of the Westwerk are occupied. Access to Konsum is frontal through the large hall of the Karl-Heine-Straße and the Weißenfelser Straße and is thus practically within walking distance and close to the residence from all directions.

Visualisierung Kunsthaus 01


Visualisierung Kunsthaus 02
Visualization of the Kunsthaus

The building permit for the "Kunsthaus" was granted.

Our idea to build a new studio building has now become the “Kunsthaus”. We were able to win the LuP Foundation, namely the founder Bernd Louisoder (1937 – 2019), as tenants. Together we will develop and build an attractive, internationally oriented museum. In the hip Leipzig district of Plagwitz, we combine modern architecture with historic industrial buildings.

Works by the Leipzig artists Axel and Peter Pferrkorn will get a worthy home town. Furthermore, artists from all world religions are given the opportunity to present their works.